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Jackie Switzer
Executive Director
Jackie began his career with the Oklahoma Department of Corrections in 2006 at the Beaver Community Work Center and promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. He joined OCP as a member in August of 2008, and became actively involved with the association through volunteer activities. In 2010, he left state service to finish his education, earning a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice and a Master's Degree in Human Resources. Jackie is now pursuing a Doctorate in Sociology at the University of Oklahoma.

During his time with the Department of Corrections, Jackie was privileged to have the opportunity to intern with Probation and Parole at the Ada Sub-Office, and to complete a practicum with Southeast District Community Corrections. He also served the citizens of Oklahoma as a Child Welfare Specialist with DHS in Pittsburg County.

In January of 2016, Jackie accepted a position with OCP as the statewide membership representative and subsequently in July of 2017 accepted the nomination of the board to become the Executive Director for OCP.
"Throughout my experience in various capacities with the Department, I have come to understand that our employees are some of the most dedicated and hard working individuals you will find.  

DOC employees are regularly asked to work more effectively with less resources. This is a problem that has been growing for a long time, and cannot continue to do so without placing even more hardship on the backs of our officers and staff.

I am excited about having the opportunity and now the position to help make some positive changes.

On a personal note, please understand that no one person can "fix" our Agency or the problems that have been growing for decades. That is where you come in. By joining OCP, and becoming actively involved, you are part of the solution.

Thank you for the opportunity to stand beside you.  Remember, OCP has your back."