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Oklahoma Corrections Professionals is a statewide association for Employees of the Oklahoma Department of Corrections, and the Pardon and Parole Board. We are dedicated to improving the image, benefits, compensation, working conditions and retirement for all Corrections and Criminal Justice Professionals.

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OCP Wins Long Court Battle With DOC

From the desk of Bobby Cleveland:
Executive Director, OCP
June 23, 2023

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Oklahoma City, OK) - DOC dismissed its District Court Appeal of DOC Teachers victory in a pay dispute with DOC. It took nearly three years. OCP got involved in June 2020 helping the teachers recover raises they were NOT given but were suppose to by state law.

Once OCP got involved, we believed it was “crystal clear” that the teachers were not being paid correctly. After litigating the issues in the former Merit Protection system, OCP and the DOC Teachers received an order in June 2021 from Merit Protection Judge stating the teachers had been and was being paid incorrectly (under paid).

DOC did not agree with the Order and requested the Merit Protection Commission reconsider the Judge’s Order. The Merit Commission denied the DOC request. The Merit Commission found that the original Order should stand.

DOC again filed an appeal in Oklahoma County District Court in August of 2021. DOC sought Judicial review of the Order from the Merit Commission. However, DOC dismissed their appeal in June 2023. It appears those Teachers involved should be caught up in all back pay by July 15.

Through all of this OCP’s position was clear; the teachers were being under paid. Great job by OCP’s legal representative! Once DOC pays the teachers the correct back pay, OCP will assist those members involved to verify the amount  they receive is correct under the appropriate State statute.

This case is one example of the many reasons to be a member of Oklahoma Corrections Professionals (OCP). Attorney cost was in excess of $10,000, all of which was paid by OCP from its members dues. OCP is watching out for its members.

Had the Teachers not been OCP members the individuals would have paid those attorney fees out of their own pocket. Join O-C-P.ORG, today.

Bobby Cleveland, Oklahoma Corrections Professionals
Working for the employees of DOC membership