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Oklahoma Corrections Professionals is a statewide association for Employees of the Oklahoma Department of Corrections, and the Pardon and Parole Board. We are dedicated to improving the image, benefits, compensation, working conditions and retirement for all Corrections and Criminal Justice Professionals.

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OCP is the only association in the state of Oklahoma that is of correctional employees, by correctional employees, and for correctional employees. We know the struggles that you face, and we are working to find solutions.

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PTSD Epidemic in OKDOC

Former Oklahoma prison guard Virgil Stillwell is among the 34% of all correctional officers nationwide who suffer from post traumatic stress disorder. Stillwell, who spent three years working for the state Department of Corrections, rose to the rank of sergeant, but during this time he witnessed inmate stabbings on a regular basis, worked extraordinarily long hours and would often go home covered in inmates’ blood after fights or medical related issues.“In the end, I couldn’t handle it,” he said. “When I was there I had thoughts of ‘this is never going to end.’”Proposed legislation looks at ways to combat these issues during this year’s session.


OCP Needs You!

OCP Thrives on member support, and we are currently looking for applicants to serve as our facility representatives. It is in the interest of every Oklahoma Corrections employee that OCP stands strong in our State Government. One of the ways we keep OCP strong is by people like you with a heart to help others. Click Here, and apply to be an OCP Member today!

5/12/2019: Updated Web News, Added Representative Program, Updated Phone Numbers, and Emails, updated board member list. All OCP Complaints Up to Date.

3/21/2019: Updated Web News, Email Links Updated, OCP Complaints, and Requests are now being answered in the order received.

2/24/2019: All Applications have been submitted to appropriate individuals responsible for processing them, as well as any complaints submitted through the form system, thank you for staying with us while we resolve this issue.

Keep in mind our web team is working hard to provide you with updates on issues, and we will have some new pages that may not be fully functional as well.

Nancy Bea Chambless
March 22, 1950  -  December 24, 2022

Fundraiser for the Mother-In-Law of Corporal Daniel Rife,Nancy B. Chambless was born on (Read More) Our hearts and prayers go out to the family of Cpl Rife during this trying time.

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OCP is not "Feeling Cute"

In a response to a recent Facebook Challenge known as "Feeling Cute" some Corrections Staff have made some inappropriate pictures that caused an outrage. Our Director takes a firm stance against such behavior.

Intent: To improve the image, benefits, compensation, working conditions and retirement for all Corrections and Criminal Justice Professionals.
Mission: To provide a unified voice and representation for Corrections and Criminal Justice Professionals.