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Oklahoma Corrections Professionals is a statewide association for Employees of the Oklahoma Department of Corrections, and the Pardon and Parole Board. We are dedicated to improving the image, benefits, compensation, working conditions and retirement for all Corrections and Criminal Justice Professionals.

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OCP is the only association in the state of Oklahoma that is of correctional employees, by correctional employees, and for correctional employees. We know the struggles that you face, and we are working to find solutions.

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1/27/2019: We have the webpage back! We had some technical difficulties the last few weeks with our webpage and we thank you for your patience.

Keep in mind our web team is working hard to provide you with updates on issues, and we will have some new pages that may not be fully functional as well.


We are pleased to announce the selection of Bobby Cleveland as our new director. This comes at a time where representation is desperately needed for Oklahoma Corrections Officers.

Bobby Cleveland spent nearly three decades as a salesman, traveling across the state and around the country and the world, where he learned valuable lessons in dealing with people, large organizations, and the power of persuasion.

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OCP provides assistance to our members when a catastrophic event occurs. This program is limited by available funds. Every employee that becomes a member of OCP increases our ability to help. More Information can be found here.

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As with any professional organization, being active in OCP gives you the ability to interact and network with other members throughout Oklahoma.

We provide updates and the ability to connect through our social media platform and newsletters.


OCP is always looking for individuals at the local facility and district level to help build and strengthen our presence at your place of work.

If you are interested in becoming a facility or district representative or a recruiter, send us a message. In addition to the pride of building something awesome, you can earn rewards.

Intent: To improve the image, benefits, compensation, working conditions and retirement for all Corrections and Criminal Justice Professionals.
Mission: To provide a unified voice and representation for Corrections and Criminal Justice Professionals.